About us

Small company, great ambitions

Flowject was founded in April 2021 to support businesses in their journey to a fully integrated production flow. We are a small company which comes with some big advantages. We carry no corporate overhead, are brand independent and don’t hesitate to think outside the box.

Our mission as a company is to improve and optimize your process flows allowing you to run your processes as efficiently as possible. In a robust manner with no margin for error, easy to operate and with minimal human interaction required. For this we use innovative technologies.

This is a task that cannot be achieved alone. We are a team, together with our customers and industry partners. We have a broad network of partners we can count on when workloads increase or expertise is needed we don’t have in house.

We are ambitious though, and plan to expand in the near future. Organically, together with our customers and partners.

Some Interesting Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Years of experience
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Different industries
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High quality solutions for every industry.

Custom-tailored solutions

In automation, there is no one size fits all solution. We are brand independent innovative thinkers and will look for the right solutions for every project.

We are experts in some of the biggest products on the market, familiar with more, and don’t shy away from learning new things and even building custom software when needed.

As a proud ISA member, we always base our designs on the ISA standards . We only build custom solutions when really needed. When possible, we use existing products and a versioned library of standard components.

Quality and transparency

All projects are tested, versioned, and documented extensively. Compliance with industry regulations and best practices is never an issue.

We work together with our customers and involve them as much as possible from start to finish. This results in an agile project flow which guarantees customer satisfaction on delivery.

We prefer working together in a hybrid environment and are familiar with lots of collaboration tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, Jira, Trello, git and TFS for source control and many more.


Let's collaborate and future-proof your operations!

Located in the heart of Antwerp

You can find our offices in the heart of Antwerp, located in the iconic Beacon building, overlooking the Scheldt river on one side and the city on the other side.

Feel free to visit for a cup of coffee, to see how we can help you with your automation and integration needs, to explore possible partnerships, join us for a day of coworking, or even just a friendly game of foosball.

Thanks to Start it X we don’t only have a nice private office, but also tons of amenities, shared spaces, meeting rooms and a vibrant community of like-minded ambitious companies.

The perfect spot to host meetings and receive customers, but most of all a great work space for optimal productivity. 

We believe that an ergonomic and pleasant work space (standing desks, multiple monitors, lots of natural light, nice interiors, community, …) doesn’t only improve happiness and mental wellbeing, but has a big impact on work output and quality.


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