Fixed price

Fixed price projects

Need someone to take care of a project from A to Z without budget stress? We offer fixed price contracts with clear targets, deliverables and milestone-based invoicing.

Fixed price projects

We calculate the best price for your individual project. Get in touch to receive a no-strings-attached quote.
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Project consulting

T&M projects and staffing

Variable project scope or short staffed on a regular basis? We offer flexible contracts where you pay by the hour, 100% transparant.

T&M projects and staffing

One flat rate for every hour of our time. Minimum order of 100h for a fixed project or 40h/month for staffing.
€90 per hour
Long term


In need of expertise or assistance on a one-off or occasional basis? We offer simple day contracts to fit your needs.


€800 for a full working day (8h). €500 for a half day (4h) which is the minimum. Extra hours invoiced pro rata.
€800 per day

100% transparent pricing.

One of the things we look for when selecting vendors is correct and transparent pricing. It only makes sense for us to do the same.

As a basis we offer 3 ways fo working together:

  • Fixed price projects with clear deliverables
  • T&M (Time and materials) projects and staffing
  • Occasional or one-off consulting

Hover or click the services above to see the pricing. Hourly rates for T&M projects are visible immediately. Easy, no time wasted, 100% transparent.

For fixed price projects, the price depends on the scope. Get in touch to request a price for your specific project and we will provide a detailed quote with a clear total price as well as a breakdown per component an invoicing schema. No strings attached so you have a clear picture before you decide whether or not to work with us.

No project is the same, so feel free to contact us if you have other needs or ideas. We are always open to discuss a solution that is beneficial and comfortable for both parties. For example a mix of time-based analysis and target-based execution is perfectly possible.

Service level agreements can be offered in addition to a project. We then offer different formulas depending on the required availability and response time.

Want more information about what we can offer, request a quote, have a chat?